Chestnut Pillow

We are asked almost daily, what is your best selling and looking kitchen that you sell? The reply is easy, White and light Color Doors.The next question is what is your favorite door style, the display in the window, the

“Chestnut Pillow”

Door Style. Just gorgeous. When we get a difficult or uncertain client that is trying to get the best bang for the buck and save thousands on their kitchen, the answers become easy…”Get the Chestnut Pillow”. Rich in design, the color matches everything in the interior that is associated with wood. Soft Satin finish commands attention and the finish product looks amazing with Crown Moldings and Light Rail Moldings, everyone loves our display. And when we quote a 10 x 10 kitchen with granite installed under ten thousand loaded with the works, we get the deal that no other company in our surroundings can offer at a lower price, without compromising some aspect of the finished product.

UV Water Based Finish

Chestnut Stain with Chocolate Glaze

American Maple/ Birch Wood Species

Miter Cut Full Pillow Door Style

Full Overlay Hinges

5 Piece Wood Matching Drawer Front

Solid Wood Dovetail Drawer Box

Full Extension Soft Close Drawer Glides

Concealed 6 Way Adjustable Hinge

Carb 2 Emission Plywood Box Construction

Butt Doors (No Center Partition)

Finished Interior




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